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How to Find Dragon Hunter’s Great Katana in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

The Dragon Hunter’s Great Katana is a slick looking new weapon in the Elden Ring DLC, and it’s an entirely new type of equipment in Shadow of the Erdtree. This impressive and aesthetically striking great katana is dropped by the somewhat generic Ancient Dragon-Man boss located in the Dragon Pit.

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Where is the Dragon Hunter’s Great Katana in the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC?

Begin your journey at Castle Ensis and head southeast as if you were going towards the Cerulean Coast. When the path splits, take the upper route. Continue onward, following the dragon statue guideposts as you approach your destination.

As you progress, you will be invaded by the Ancient Dragon-Man. However, this encounter is just a warm-up. Defeat him swiftly and press on. Eventually, you’ll reach the end of the path where a massive cave will be to your left. This is the Dragon Pit.

Enter the Dragon Pit and activate the Site of Grace at the entrance. Skeletal dragon warriors that revive upon defeat lurk the cave. They are relatively slow, so I say just sprint past them. The area is not extensive, and you only need to descend a few chambers.

At the bottom you’ll find the titular Dragon Pit. A vast chasm in front of a giant chalice filled with what appears to be blood. It might seem like a dead end, but messages left by other players will likely prompt you to jump. Trust these messages, as the jump is survivable and leads to the golden boss fog gate.

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Beyond this gate stands the Ancient Dragon-Man again, in true boss form this time. Although he is slightly tougher than during his invasion, he remains manageable. He is quick but telegraphs his attacks, allowing you to dodge and counterattack easily.

Defeat the Ancient Dragon-Man, and the Dragon Hunter’s Great Katana will be yours. Don’t forget to rest at the Dragon Pit Terminus Site of Grace, as it will be a useful checkpoint for exploring other areas later.

Elden Ring is available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. The Shadow of Erdtree DLC appears on June 21, 2024. 

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