How to Finish ‘Blacksmith’s Blues IV’ in Final Fantasy XVI
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How to Finish ‘Blacksmith’s Blues IV’ in Final Fantasy XVI

Yes, Blackthorne’s sidequest saga continues in Final Fantasy XVI with “Blacksmith’s Blues IV.” This time, the insight offers a new recipe, a piece of equipment, and details about his hometown. So while it might feel like a lot to go through again, it’s worth the effort.

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How to find and finish “Blacksmith’s Blues IV” in Final Fantasy XVI

This sidequest came up for me toward the end of the game. When the “Across the Narrow” mainline quest appears, you should see August at the hideaway ready to send you into “Blacksmith’s Blues IV” in Final Fantasy XVI. He’ll express concerns about Dravozd and rumors about the Akashic about to overrun it. In an effort to not worry Blackthorne, he’ll suggest the two of you handle it. From there, send Clive to Dravozd at The Dhalmekian Republic map. Once you get to town, preferably by using the Dravozd world map fast travel point, you’ll walk in and find Blackthorne already showed up as well. Clive, Blackthorne, August, and Zoltan will all talk, and you’ll be instructed to speak to August “when you’re ready.”

How to Finish ‘Blacksmith’s Blues IV’ in Final Fantasy XVI

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This is the cue for a fight, as you might expect. Clive will be in the Dravozd Warrens facing various Akashic enemies. I was at level 39 when I took this, and the enemies were all around level 36. Things start out relatively simply! There is an Akashic Bighorn and some Nakks. An Akashic Griffin will follow, which is slightly more challenging. However, this series of fights ends with a match against the Canyon Chimera. This is a level 36 opponent capable of using special attacks like The Dragon’s Voice and The Ram’s Voice. Be ready to move out of the way of AOE attacks and try to stagger it as often as possible. Surviving that gauntlet gets you 1,300 EXP, 240 AP, 960 gil, 25 Sharp Fangs, 25 Bloody Hides, 25 Magicked Ash, and a Meteorite. You’ll also get a Cracked Anvil seal from Zoltan after this feat is reported.

From there, you need to take one final step to finish “Blacksmith’s Blues IV” in Final Fantasy XVI, and that’s to visit Blackthorne at the hideaway. In addition to getting 4,800 EXP and 50 renown, you’ll get a Ragnarok sword for Clive and a recipe to forge Gotterdammerung. While you can use Ragnarok right away, the other can’t be forged for a bit. It requires Ragnarok, three pieces of Orichalcum, two pieces of Darksteel, and a Primitive Battlehorn.

Final Fantasy XVI is available for the PlayStation 5. A demo is out now as well. There is a six-month exclusivity period.

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