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How to Get New Job-Exclusive Artifact Armor in Dawntrail

With every expansion, Final Fantasy XIV presents its players with a set of armor unique to each of its twenty-one Job Classes. FFXIV Dawntrail, the latest expansion is no exception, and Square Enix has even made special game release countdown illustrations featuring art of the new jobs in their new bespoke Artifact armor.

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How you get these pieces has varied from expansion to expansion. In the beginning they were tied to Job-specific storyline quests and were received having hit the level cap and doing that final Job Quest.

For Dawntrail, it is simple but comes during the main scenario quest. The Role Quests in this expansion unlock the ability to dye the armor, and completing that category of Role Quest unlocks dyes for that category of Job, even if its not the one you reach level 99 with first.

The following list will contain mild Main Scenario Quest spoilers

How to unlock the new Artifact Job Class Armor in FFXIV Dawntrail

  • Reach Level 99 on any Disciple of War or Disciple of Magic Job
  • Complete the Main Scenario Quest “A New Family”
  • Accept the Main Scenario Quest “In Pursuit of Sphene”
  • Speak to Mewazunte

The shop is located in Tuliyollal at the Bayside Bevy. Upon completing the Main Story Quest “A New Family”, you will return to Tuliyollal. Upon completing the quests there and accepting the Main Scenario Quest: “In Pursuit of Sphene,” Koana and Wuk Lamat will lead you to the Bayside Bevy section of the city for a special surprise: the gear vendor for your new job artifact armor.

Mewazunte, the Armorer shop NPC will be the spot players will return to to get their new Job-specific gear. Here, and at no cost, you can get the armor at level 99. It will upgrade to level 100 upon your job hitting that level. In addition, you can pick up the level 99 versions of the armor for every job, even those you do not have at level cap, if you would simply like to prepare and have the armoury chest and inventory space.

The Level 99 and 100 dungeons only drop accessories so these Artifact Armor pieces will be the strongest pieces of armor one can get until they begin gaining the tomestones necessary for the item level 700 gear.

Final Fantasy XIV is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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