How to get Oppressor Identification Mount Key FFXIV Dawntrail
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How to Get Oppressor Identification Mount Key in FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail includes a ton of new mounts for players to unlock, including even players who don’t own the current expansion. One such mount can be unlocked using the Oppressor Identification Mount Key in FFXIV, if you complete a certain bit of content.

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How to get Oppressor Identification Mount Key FFXIV Dawntrail
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How to Unlock the Oppressor Identification Key and Mount in FFXIV

I certainly hope you don’t mind player-versus-player fights in FFXIV because that’s what you need to do. In order to unlock the new Oppressor mount, you need to reach level 25 in PvP. More specifically, you need to do this while the current Series Six chapter of PvP is available. It is only going to be a reward during this time.

Yes, Oppressor just so happens to be the same boss from the Fist of the Father Alexander raid fight. If you want to get this mount, you’ll need to reach level 25 before patch 7.1 arrives. It is currently expected to drop sometime around November or around the end of the year, so make sure to get it before then.

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Best Ways to Level Up PvP in FFXIV

To unlock the new FFXIV Oppressor mount, you’ll want to grind for PvP experience as much as possible. I do recommend doing your daily Duty Roulette: Frontline once per day. This is great for leveling up your PvP and one of your lower-level jobs at the same time.

However, once you do that, I recommend grinding Crystalline Conflict over and over. These matches give significantly less XP than Frontline but they are also way shorter, too. More often than not, you can get two to three of these matches in the time it takes for one Frontline match and get much more XP in the process. It is a bit of a grind but do at least 5-10 of these matches a day and you will get the Oppressor mount in a couple of weeks.

Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail is available right now for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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