How To Get Started In Revue Starlight Re Live And Maintain A Steady Rhythm


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We’ve talked a bit about Revue Starlight Re Live before, and how it is a game where it is easy to acquire and improve characters. But there’s something else notable about this mobile game. It is very easy to fall into a pattern as you play. It is the sort of RPG where you can pop in, get caught up for the day, and move on, always feeling like you’re constantly advancing and growing. It isn’t a game where it feels like the walls hit fast and hard. Rather, incremental progress can be seen every day.


The first thing to do when you check in is to always grab your freebies. Revue Starlight Re Live is great about that. You check in at your personal theater to collect your coins, tickets, and presents that automatically regenerate from machines. You visit other people’s theaters to like them and get Theater Coins to add to your area. You also should also do your Friend Point gacha pull, for items like Memoirs, gifts, lesson tickets, coins, and other materials to help improve your Stage Girls.


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From there, it is a good idea to take part in your missions that give you free rewards and don’t cost any stamina. These are your Coin Hunt, to earn free currency, Lesson Ticket Hunt, to earn experience-boosting lesson tickets, and Potential Crystal Hunt, to earn the material needed to increase a Stage Girl’s star rank and make her a more potent fighter. Each of these activities can be skipped, if you have beaten the quest once before at a level of difficulty, you can choose to skip it, making completing these tasks near instantaneous.


A lot of what happens after that can be maintenance conducted in moderation. If you have one Stage Girl you really like, it could be a great idea to spend your early days getting her to six stars. I did this with Sun Nation General Maya Tendo. Investing in a character is a great way to clear daily missions, since that means perhaps using a ticket to level up a little and knock out that quest, working on the Potential Bloom to raise her rank, and giving a gift to unlock additional story segments and make her more powerful. But one of the most handy things to do is to head to the Skill Panel. Spending time unlocking its parts ends up increasing stats and skill levels. If you click a material you are missing, the game will show you which level will offer it as a reward. These are always story levels, which helps complete the daily objective of taking part in those. They can also be skipped, provided you have completed it once, and could mean getting through obligations quickly while making a character better.


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Then, there is the Vs. Revue. Here is where you play against other people. Succeeding in matches can mean your rank increases and you get chests that can contain coins and Memoirs. Your Stage Girl team here won’t have the same limitations as your standard one that is tied to your overall level, since your rank determines how many people you can and can’t bring in. However, it is a great way to learn how to build effective formations. You see which characters could be helpful in battle. Like you can see how Sun Nation General Maya’s Shooting for the Stars, which provokes enemies to attack her while also granting a barrier to defend against attacks, makes her perfect for the front row. You could also see how Musketeer Athos Hikari Kagura, with her passive skill that automatically increases damage dealt by 5% and Musketeer’s Oath that increases her Act Power and Evasion, could help her be a strong damage dealer. It helps you plan and practice against other intelligent players.


It’s almost like Revue Starlight Re Live is the perfect game play at a reasonable pace. You can relax and enjoy the story looking at the friendships and affectionate relationships between these heroines. You can spend time making them better in reasonable increments each day. It won’t take up hours of your time as you grind and prepare people. It also never gets too demanding. Because you can take this time to keep building people up, there is a good chance you could could coast through the first four story chapters if you are building certain people up along the way.


Revue Starlight Re Live is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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