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How to Get the Chocorpokkur Twitch Drop Rewards Mount in FFXIV

To celebrate the release of the fifth Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail expansion, Square Enix is bringing back a fan-favorite mount for all players to unlock for free. As part of the new limited-time Twitch Drops event, players will be able to unlock special FFXIV rewards like the Chocorpokkur mount.

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How do the FFXIV Twitch Drops work?

To participate in the Twitch Drops event and unlock all of its rewards, players need to first sign up for a Twitch account if you haven’t already. Then, you want to be watching streams on the live-streaming platform while the event is happening from July 2-29, 2024. The goal is to watch official Twitch partners who are streaming FFXIV.

To do this, look for the Final Fantasy XIV category on Twitch. From there, you want to pick an active streamer with the “Viewer Rewards” tag enabled on their stream. If you do not see this tag anywhere while watching them play, they don’t count and you will, unfortunately, waste your time. The goal is to watch as many hours of these officially partnered streamers as possible during this time.

How to get Chocorpokkur Twitch Drops rewards mount FFXIV
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How do I get the Chocorpokkur Mount and All Twitch Rewards for FFXIV

How it works is the more hours you watch a FFXIV streamer with Twitch Drops enabled, the more rewards you unlock like the Chocorpokkur mount. This mount is finally coming back after a previous Butterfingers collaboration in the US. There are also other rewards you can unlock, depending on how many hours you spend watching streams.

Here are all of the rewards you can get during this FFXIV Twitch Drops event and how to unlock them:

  • EXP Boost Meal Set with 10 Buttery Mogbiscuits and 10 Fat Choco Chocos: You must watch one total hour of a streamer with rewards.
  • 10 Aetheryte Tickets (for free teleportations): Watch three hours of a streamer.
  • Chocorpokkur Mount Whistle: Watch six hours worth of applicable streams.

Final Fantasy XIV is available right now for the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. The Twitch Drops event will happen July 2-29, 2024.

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