How To Make A Murder Look Like Suicide In Yandere Simulator



A new development video for Yandere Simulator has been released. This time the focus is on how you might go about making the murder of a fellow student look like suicide.


As Yandere Dev explains in the video, in some Asian cultures it’s established that one would remove their shoes before committing suicide, signalling their stepping into the next realm. You can use this tradition to your advantage by removing the shoes of a victim on the school rooftop you’ve pushed them off, making it look like they jumped.



However, this alone isn’t enough for the cops who investigate the student’s death to be able to fully solve the case. Their death will be considered a mystery and this will affect the “School Atmosphere.” Yandere Dev explains that the School Atmosphere will become more ominous and students more fearful of their lives if it drops – this affects how easily you’re able to get away with killing students. The Atmosphere will begin plummet as the signs of a serial killer in operation at the school are discovered unless they’re determined to be, for example, a suicide.


To avoid the School Atmosphere dropping, after pushing the girl off the rooftop and grabbing her shoes, you’d need to leave a suicide note. But to do this you need to stalk your victim before killing them to find out why they might commit suicide so that the note is convincing.



So, you’ve got away with making a murder look like suicide, however, it doesn’t come without penalty. As Yandere Dev also demonstrates in the video, once a student is perceived to have either fell or have been pushed from the school rooftops, the officials will install a chainlink fence to prevent it happening again. This means that you’ll only be able to kill a student this way once unless you dispose of the body and completely cover up it ever happening.

Chris Priestman