Game Arts, makers of Ragnarok Odyssey and the Dokuro, are working on their third PlayStation Vita title. Picotto Knights is a quite different since it’s 1.) network focused and 2.) free to download.


The game is described as a "belt action RPG" so it’s kind of like Capcom’s Dungeons & Dragons arcade games or Dragon’s Crown. You move your custom Cocoroid Knight with the left analog stick or the d-pad. The square button is for weak attacks and the triangle button is for strong attacks. Circle makes your knight use his/her shield to block and X is for jump. Hold L/R and you can toggle skills assigned to the face buttons. Players can set skills using the touch screen. Players learn new skills as their character levels up…


kokoroid_thums01ss weapon_thums03ss


… and there are eight different weapons to master.

imageFrom left to right: blade, spear, axe, hammer, claw, chakram, rod, bowgun.


Picotto Knights supports online multiplayer through Wi-Fi and 3G connections. When you’re offline CPU controlled knights will fill in the empty party spots so you have a full group of four knights. While Picotto Knights is a free download the game will have virtual items for players to purchase. Details about item pricing hasn’t been announced. Neither has a North American release, but Picotto Knights sounds like it’s going to be pretty easy to pick up and play.


picotto7 picotto1 picotto2 picotto3 picotto4 picotto6 enemy_thums01ss multiplay_thums03ss multiplay_thums02ss multiplay_thums01ss kokoroid_thums03ss kokoroid_thums02ss weapon_thums02ss weapon_thums01ss enemy_thums03ss enemy_thums02ss


picotto8 picotto9 picotto10 picotto11 picotto12 picotto13 picotto14 picotto15 picotto16 picotto17 picotto18 picotto19 picotto20 picotto21 picotto22 picotto23 picotto24 picotto25 picotto26 picotto27

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