How to Remove and Move Your House in Moonstone Island
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How to Remove and Move Your House in Moonstone Island

When you start Moonstone Island, you have an Alchemist Tent you can place as your first home, but what if you want to move house? It’s possible, though the game doesn’t exactly explain how to do so. 

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How do I remove and move my Moonstone Island house and tent?

When you start Moonstone Island, you can create a tent right away that can act as your house. Ossono will suggest setting up a place to live just north of town. However, you could live anywhere! But given you just have a balloon to start, you might not immediately set up in your favorite spot. However, you can remove and move your residence once you get to the point where you can build a second one.

First, you need to build a Moonstone Enchanter. This is a type of crafting bench. You don’t need any other bench to make it. Just head into the main menu and you’ll find it there. It needs three Copper Ingots, three Iron Ingots, and a Moonstone Ingot. You can make ingots by getting ore from digging in a mine or popping in the Moonstones you find on islands with some coal in a Furnace. A Furnace is made in the same menu with 10 stones and 10 pieces of wood. (While two Moonstones are on Moonstone Island proper, you’ll need to fly to another island and search in its grass for the third.)

How to Remove and Move Your House in Moonstone Island
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From there, make an additional house or tent. An Alchemist Tent requires 50 stones, 50 pieces of wood, and one Moonstone at the Moonstone Enchanter. Others are more intense and can require hundreds of pieces of stone and wood and Moonstone Ingots. After you placed your first tent, go and place the second tent or house somewhere else. You can then go to either of the houses and hold the B button to remove it. However, one house must always be placed at any time, so you can’t remove both. 

You can have multiple houses placed at the same time. So it can be handy to keep a spare Alchemist Tent or other house in Moonstone Island to place on islands while exploring, so you can place, move, or remove them when needed on your journeys.

Moonstone Island is available on the Nintendo Switch and PC.

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