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How to Reset Stat Points in SMT V Vengeance (New Testament Tablet)

Your stats are vital to your success in battle in SMT V Vengeance. Figuring out if you want a more Strength-based build, a Magic one, a balanced one, and so on can affect your overall experience. As such, you might want to know if it is possible to reset stat points in SMT V Vengeance and how to get items like the New Testament Tablet.

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How to reset stat points with New Testament Tablet SMT V Vengeance
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How to Respec in SMT V Vengeance

Yes, it is absolutely possible to reset your stat points in Vengeance. This is a feature that is new to this particular version of the game. You are able to reset your stat points and redistribute them at any point in the game, no matter how high your level is, as long as you have the right item for it.

In order to be able to reset your stat points, you need to use a New Testament Tablet. This is a brand-new item in this version of the game, and it resets your stats. You will get all of your stats back with the current total points you have. You can then redistribute those points across Strength, Vitality, Magic, Agility, and Luck as you please.

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How to Get a New Testament Tablet in SMT V Vengeance

However, there is a problem with resetting your stat points in SMT V Vengeance, as you need a New Testament Tablet first. This is arguably the rarest item in the entire game. I played the entire game from start to finish and only found three of them in total, which is likely near the maximum available items.

There are currently two ways I know of to get a New Testament Tablet. The first is through certain boss battles in the game as a reward. These are few and far between, but a couple of main story bosses can give you this for defeating them. The other way is through some side quests. The only known side quest I know of currently is the Classified Courier quest from the Bethel Researcher in Tokyo. This is a mid-game quest that is quite easy to complete.

Shin Megami Tensei V Vengeance is now available for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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