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How To Solve the Numbered Animal Puzzle Doors in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Main Staircase

As a game set in a magical castle, there is little surprise that Hogwarts Legacy is filled with secrets. One such secret seems to be causing a lot of head-scratching for witches and wizards out there as they struggle to figure out the animal puzzle doors that can be found in the castle itself. In this guide, we will show you how to solve them. It’s not that hard, and a little bit of simple maths will have you on the right path.

How to solve the animal door puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy

Divination Room Floo Flame Hogwarts Legacy

The first thing you will need to do is make your way to the Divination Classroom Floo Flame. You can find this quite easily on your map on the right side of the castle. Once you arrive at the Floo Flame, make your way to the right and go through the entrance there. You’ll find a lot of rafters and a wooden walkway. Head down the walkway and take the first right. This will bring you to a number animal puzzle door. Near the door, on a small table, will be a blue box near the blackboard. Search inside to find the Arithmancy Study Guide Page. This is a page that has been torn from an old Arithmancy book, and it will give us some vital information that we need to solve these puzzles. Essentially, each animal comes with an assigned numerical value, and by remembering what they are, we will be able to solve some pretty simple equations.

Arithmancy Guide Page Hogwarts Legacy

  • Owl – zero
  • Unicorn – one
  • Goat – two
  • Three-headed Dragon – three
  • Bird on a branch – four
  • Five-legged crab – five
  • Salamander – six
  • The creature with four tentacles – seven
  • Spider – eight
  • Hydra – nine

Now, make your way to the animal puzzle door and look at it closely. You will be able to interact with it, and this will bring up two equations that you will need to solve. To the left and right of the door are two panels that you can interact with. One has a question mark, while the other will have two question marks. You will need to figure out the value of these and set them to the right animals by interacting with them.

First animal puzzle door solution Hogwarts Legacy

For the first equation, we can see that if we follow the triangle that two is first, then the three-head dragon that has a value of three, then the question mark. The solution is nine. So, it’s 2+3+?=9. Our answer is four, so we can set the single question mark panel to the bird on the branch. For the second equation, we can see it is zero first, then the two question marks, then one, with a four in the center for 0+??+1=4. This means the missing value is three, and the symbol needs to be set to the three-headed dragon.

Once you have both panels set, interact with the door to open it. Any numbered animal puzzle doors that you find can be opened the same way. Just take the time to work out the missing values, then set the panels to the correct animal, and you will be able to get inside. You will often find treasure and valuable items this way or even more puzzles to solve. Also, if you have yet to do it, make sure you link your Harry Potter fan account with your WB Games account to ensure you get your hands on some free loot.

Hogwarts Legacy is available on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC via early access, and will be available to everyone on February 10, 2023.

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