Silver Wolf Honkai: Star Rail Starhunt Event Detailed

Silver Wolf Honkai: Star Rail Starhunt Event Detailed
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Immediately after the 1.1 Honkai: Star Rail update drops, the Starhunt event will begin. Now to help people prepare, HoYoVerse shared the requirements for the activity. People will need to have spent quite a bit of time playing to get their Trailblaze level up, then take part in both a Story Mode and Arcade Challenge to earn every reward and the Before the Tutorial Mission Starts Light Cone.

How to Take Part in Honkai: Star Rail Starhunt

First, you need to be at Trailblaze Level 21. This is accomplished by completing quests, grinding for materials at Calyxes and opponents, and taking on sidequests. Once you hit that point, you can take part in the Story Mode “Punklorde Mentality” Companion Mission and Arcade Challenge to complete objectives and get currency. This also involves the chance to get the Always Smiling currency for the event shop.

However, only part of these Silver Wolf activities in Honkai: Star Rail will be permanent. The Story Mode Companion Mission for her will always appear, even after the event ends. It will just not let you get the Before the Tutorial Mission Starts Light Cone after that point or access Graffiti Mode in the Camera. The Arcade Challenge and its Deep Web Gray Market event shop will be gone, and the Always Smiling Currency will also disappear.

As for rewards, there will be an array of rewards that are in the event shop or permanently doled out via the Companion Mission. So you can earn a Tracks of Destiny, Stellar Jades, Travelers’ Guides, Void Cast Irons, the Light Cone, Lifeless Blades, Credits, and Refined Aethers.

Honkai: Star Rail is available for PCs and mobile devices, and the Silver Wolf Starhunt event runs June 7-26, 2023. PS4 and PS5 versions of the game are in development.

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