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How to Unlock Farming in Like a Dragon: Ishin

How to Unlock Farming in Like a Dragon: Ishin

Ryoma Sakamoto can do quite a few things in Like a Dragon: Ishin when not taking part in Shinsengumi activities, with one of them being farming. However, you can’t immediately start growing crops and cooking meals with Haruka the second you leave Tosa and get to Kyo. You need to establish yourself a bit first. Fortunately, there’s no way to miss out on the opportunity to unlock farming and your second home in the country in Like a Dragon: Ishin.

How to Unlock Farming in Like a Dragon: Ishin

How to Unlock Farming in Like a Dragon: Ishin

This is easy. Get to Chapter 4: Joint Struggle in Like a Dragon: Ishin. After the meeting with the heads of the Shinsengumi, you’ll head back to the Fushimi area from Rakunai. When you do, Ryoma will automatically get involved in the affairs of Haruka and a Shinto Priest. This leads to Ryoma getting access to the second home where the farming and cooking elements are.

As for the actual farming, it’s more of a hands-off affair. While you can choose what you plant, if you place manure, and such in the farming management screen, you don’t need to get as involved as you would in Story of Seasons or Stardew Valley. It’s more of a thing that is there, happens on its own according to plans you set, and that you can come back to when you have time.

If you’re in Kyo and feel the urge to head back to the countryside, all you need to do is head to Fushimi’s South Yashimachi dock. The ferryman there will bring you back to the second home.

How to Unlock Farming in Like a Dragon: Ishin

How to Expand Your Farm in Like a Dragon: Ishin

Okay. So, once you get the farm, you don’t immediately have access to everything. You have to do even more unlocking to get the most out of farming in Like a Dragon: Ishin. I’d prioritize options that get you a larger farm, more crops, and better yields, but there’s really no way to go wrong. You just really need to keep farming and taking part in activities to build up Virtue to succeed there, rather than fully focus on farming.

Here are the farm Virtue upgrades you can purchase at shrines. I’m also including the cat, chicken, and dog elements, because what’s a farm without animals? The Green Thumb upgrades increase the variety of crops available to you.

  • Cat Bed Setup: 500 Virtue
  • Chicken Coop Setup: 500 Virtue
  • Dog House Setup: 500 Virtue
  • Farm Expansion: There are four levels of this you can buy, with the first one costing 500 Virtue
  • Farm Level Upgrade: Again, there are multiple levels to increase cultivation speed and yield, up to four, with the first one costing 1,500 Virtue
  • Green Thumb: Bok Choy: 500 Virtue
  • Green Thumb: Broad Beans: 250 Virtue
  • Green Thumb: Burdock Root: 250 Virtue
  • Green Thumb: Cabbage: 1,500 Virtue
  • Green Thumb: Eggplant: 200 Virtue
  • Green Thumb: Ginger: 150 Virtue
  • Green Thumb: Ginseng: 10,000 Virtue after buying all other Farm Expansions
  • Green Thumb: Green Onions: 100 Virtue
  • Green Thumb: Onions: 150 Virtue
  • Green Thumb: Pumpkin: 600 Virtue
  • Green Thumb: Strawberries: 1,500 Virtue
  • Green Thumb: Sweet Potatos: 100 Virtue
  • Green Thumb: Taro: 3,000 Virtue
  • Green Thumb: Turnips: 200 Virtue
  • Scarecrow Upgrade: This two-level upgrade reduces crow damage, with the first one costing 1,000 Virtue
  • Spontaneous Farming: 1,500

Like a Dragon: Ishin is available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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