How to unlock World Heroes in SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1


snka2.jpgIf you picked up SNK Arcade Classic Volume 1 you might be scratching your heading wondering where World Heroes went. It’s in the compilation, but you have to unlock it. The reward system in SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1 is sort of like earning Xbox Live Achievements, but you actually get content as a reward. Concept art from Metal Slug is rewarded after upgrading your weapons in Last Resort. Earn ten medals and you can play World Heroes.


You can see all of the goals before you load a game. Some of them like beating Magician Lord on Insane sound insane. Others are pretty easy. Instead of “playing” the games right away I tried to power unlock World Heroes. Here is how I did it.


snka1.jpgI started with Samurai Shodown since it seemed like it had the easiest goals. Disarm a computer controlled opponent to get a medal. If you can disarm your opponent early you have an edge to win the fight with a perfect match. I wasn’t this proficient, but getting a perfect match when the difficulty is toned down to easy was my second medal. Beating the game on easy was my third. (Note: You can change the difficulty of any game by going into the options menu before playing it.)


The King of Fighters ’94 had some pretty easy goals so I plowed through the game on easy to get another medal. I also picked up a medal by avoiding enemy contact for the first ten seconds of a fight. This was extremely easy to do. I spent a third of the time standing still before moving backwards and finally using the evasion move.


Halfway there…


snka3.jpgI tried out King of the Monsters and racked up 25,000 points by smashing every building in sight with Geon. After racking up my score I went through a cycle of tossing my opponent to release power orbs and continuing when I ran out of time to max out the power bar and fulfill another goal.


Since I was so close I stopped trying to complete game to speed up the process. I got my eighth medal from getting par on the first hole of the Grand Canyon course. I went back to the same hole with the "young hero" and got a birdie for the ninth medal. The tenth medal I earned by beating the first stage of Metal Slug using only grenades. No knife, no guns, just grenades and the tank. While the last medal sounds hard to achieve it is really simple if you run past all the enemies and don’t care if you die.


wheroes.jpgVictoly! World Heroes!


Here’s my summary to getting ten medals. Did anyone else pick this up and discover easy to obtain medals?


Samurai Shodown

Crossed Swords – Disarm a computer opponent.

Perfect Match – Win a perfect match.

Beat the Game on Easy – Beat the Game on Easy.


The King of Fighters ‘94

Beat the Game on Easy – Beat the Game on Easy.

Evasive Action – Survive ten seconds without enemy contact.


King of the Monsters

Great Score – Get a score of 25,000 or higher.

Powered Up! – Get the power meter to full.


Neo Turf Masters

Par – On any hole, get Par.

Birdie – On any hole, get Birdie. 


Metal Slug

Heavy Ordinance – Beat Stage 1 using only grenades and Metal Slug (tank) weapons.


Images courtesy of SNK.

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