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How to Use Fertilizer in Fae Farm

Once you’ve figured out how to plant crops in Fae Farm, the next step on your farming journey is to help them grow. Fertilizer is a fantastic and easy way to get more crops quicker or change their type. Here’s how to get fertilizer in Fae Farm.

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How do I get and use Fertilizer in Fae Farm?

Fertilizer is a craftable item which helps your crops grow faster or gives them added benefits. There are three kinds of fertilizer:

  • Bounteous Fertilizer
  • Magic Crop Swap
  • Zippy Fertilizer

The first place you can get fertilizer is from Holly’s Seed Shop in town. The types of fertilizer that she has for sale are listed at the end of her shop menu. However, you must first reach Farming Level 3 to buy fertilizer from her. You do this by planting and tending crops.

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Holly’s shop is the best way to get fertilizer if you’re just starting the game. Making your own fertilizer requires a lot of materials which can be only obtained a little later. This is done via the Garden Bench. You can create the Garden Bench with 3 Oak Lumber, 15 Clay, and 15 Silt. You can craft Oak Lumber from putting ten Oak Logs into the Lumber Station, and you can get Clay and Silt from digging. A Garden Bench will help you make seeds and fertilizer without needing to buy them, sending you on the path to making your farm more self-sustaining.

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Every type of Fertilizer in Fae Farm, explained

Here’s the full overview of the three kinds of Fertilizer you can buy or make in Fae Farm.

Fertilizer TypeEffectHow To Create At the Garden BenchPrice At Holly’s Shop
Bounteous FertilizerMay increase the amount of items you get from crops every morning.1 Cora, 1 Flutter Dust, 1 Mulch35 Gold Florin
Magic Crop SwapMay turn the crop into a seasonal or fae crop.1 Ammonite, 1 Frog Sweat, 1 one Mulch50 Gold Florin
Zippy FertilizerMakes crops grow faster by one day. This may increase at the end of each night.1 Bug Juice, 1 Mulch, 1 Sand Dollar35 Gold Florin

As you may have noticed, all fertilizer requires Mulch. You can get Mulch by digging in the Spooky Woods. If you haven’t accessed the Spooky Woods yet, the best way for you to get fertilizer is by buying it from Holly, since you won’t be able to make it on your own.

Fae Farm is available on the Nintendo Switch and PC.

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