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How White Knight Chronicles Changed For White Knight Chronicles II



White Knight Chronicles II includes White Knight Chronicles: International Edition as a bonus, and provides extensive content, along with many additions and improvements. We hope this helps you explore the new White Knight Chronicles world.


White Knight Chronicles II develops the story one year after White Knight Chronicles: International Edition. The new Yshrenian empire (former Magi), have now set their eyes on dominating the three kingdoms of Balandor, Faria, and Greede. Leonard, the pactmaker of the White Knight, and his team are the last hope to save the world from the Yshrenian Empire. WKC II starts off almost like a different story episode, but various story elements from WKC1 soon become intertwined, and WKC II will unravel the truth behind the mysterious Incorruptus.


The battle system has been greatly enhanced from the first game making battles faster paced, interactive, and more strategic. With tons of new skills such as dash attacks, you can now engage in combat faster. To launch your attack, the Action Gauge now can be charged twice as fast as in the first game. The Action Chips, that are used to turn your avatar into an Incorruptus, can now be acquired more easily. The new Auto-run feature will help you explore the vast fields. With the new feature called “Break Chances,” you can take advantage of these special opportunities to knock your enemies off balance. The Attack Command Range can now be displayed so that you can attack more strategically.


The graphics have also been greatly enhanced. The cut scenes in WKC1 have been restructured to the quality level of WKC II. We highly encourage players to try the remastered version of WKC1 with these enhanced battle system and graphics.




Of particular note is the ability to create and upgrade a unique Incorruptus (knight) for their avatar for the first time. In WKC1, it was difficult to use your avatar as your primary playable character due to lack of this ability and some users felt stressed about it. Now that your avatar can turn into the Ark Incorruptus, you can use your avatar in tough boss battles. Also, there are many options to customize your Ark Incorruptus so that you can create your very own Ark Incorruptus with unique colors and equipments.


The four Incorruptus that appeared in WKC1 were: White Knight, Dragon Knight, Black Knight, and Sun King. However, the Dogma Legend speaks of five Knights. In WKC II, the last Knight “Moon Maiden” will come on stage. When all the Knights come together, it is said the Final Awakening will begin…


As for multiplayer, the quests can now be played with up to 6 players, instead of 4 in WKC1. Players in North America can play with those in Europe. The UI has been improved so that you can understand your stats more easily. In the original, you were not able to take NPCs with you when you played alone. In WKC II, Leonard and other NPC members will help you to clear your quests. Even when you play tough quests that many players are reluctant to join, or at the time when other players are less likely to play games, you don’t have to hesitate to play quests. By taking NPCs with you, their levels can also rise. When NPCs are strengthened, it will be easier for you to challenge tougher quests.




The new features such as Bounty Quests and Errands will add great reply value to WKC II. Accept a Bounty Hunting quest at Adventurer’s Guide and track down the bounty for big rewards! (Don’t forget to report back to the Guild afterwards!) Taking on errands could earn you surprising rewards. To accept an Errand, talk to any citizens marked with an exclamation icon. The rewards for Errands include many rare items or guild points. It’s a good way to earn Guild Points easily, because some Errands can be completed just by talking to a few citizens. When you start playing the second part of the game, you won’t be able to access most towns and fields for a while, so it would be ideal to complete the errands before you start the second part.


If you have save data from WKC: International Edition, marked ★CLEAR DATA, you can carry them over to WKC II, and start from either WKC1 (“New Game+”) or WKC II (“Import Save Data”) with your same avatar and inventory. There is a little bonus only for the people who carry over the save data, depending on their performance in WKC1, so please continue your WKC journey!

Miki Takahashi, Producer