Hsien-Ko’s Cousins Finally Gain Fame In Chinese Zombie War



The poor Chinese zombie has gotten short shrift lately despite a rise in popularity of the zombie theme. Why run, gnaw and infect when you can just hop, hop, hop, drawn by the living’s breath?


While Darkstalker’s Hsien-Ko might look really pretty for a Chinese zombie, they’re actually pretty scary. And China, its homeland, is lapping it up with Chinese Zombie War 2, a game where players have to rapidly tap on their iOS screens or risk getting wiped out by the undead. Surprisingly, the game is developed not in China, but Malaysia by developer Chan Kam Wai, according to Malaysia’s The Star newspaper.



Chinese Zombie War 2 tells the tale of ill-fated Sung, a Taoist priest who encounters the living, hopping, dead and is saved by another female ghost who—for reasons of her own—decides to help him train and best them all on his journeys. The game itself looks pretty slick, with full 3D and multiple weapon types to use and upgrade depending on the undead you fight.




You can get Chinese Zombie War 2 on the iOS right now.