image Shootanto is one of those wacky WiiWare titles I didn’t expect to see in North America. In the game you start out as a stone throwing monkey fighting dinosaurs and eventually evolve into a medieval archer battling lizardmen.


Grand Prix, the company behind Victorious Boxers Revolution, released Shootanto on WiiWare last year. I played it and it’s not that good. While the B-movie setting was good for a few laughs, you can dodge roll through anything which breaks the game.


Shootanto came out late last year in Japan and appears that Hudson plans to release it domestically under the name Shootanto: Evolutionary Mayhem. Officially, the game is unannounced, but Hudson filed a trademark and localized the name.


If Hudson publishes Shootanto: Evolutionary Mayhem it will be their first licensed WiiWare game. Perhaps, Shootanto will also be Hudson’s first step into the WiiWare localization business. As of now they don’t have much competition and there are a handful of decent Japanese games that lack an international publisher.

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