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Human Characters Will Fight Alongside Yo-kai In Yo-kai Watch 4 [Update]



We recently got a peek at Yo-kai Watch 4 that is being developed for Nintendo Switch, and Level-5 shared new details in this month’s issue of CoroCoro Comic. [Thanks, Gamestalk.]


Here are key bits of info from CoroCoro:

  • This time you’ll not only play as the protagonists of the three worlds in Natsume, Keita, and Shin, but you’ll also get to play as characters from the anime Yo-kai Watch Shadowside.


  • In the battles of Yo-kai Watch 4, human characters such as Keita and Natsume will work together with the Yo-kai to join in on the battles.


  • The setting won’t just be the three worlds, but there’s a fourth world that will be introduced. The main characters will get together and unlock the door to this world.


Update: Here are scans from CoroCoro [Thanks, @ddxtgg.]:


 DkGrKWaU8AAP-4i DkGrO-_UYAA9ucC



Yo-kai Watch 4 releases for Nintendo Switch this winter in Japan. You can check out its teaser trailer in our previous report.

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