A Human & Robot Fight The Mother Of Machines In Action Adventure Game Cybernetics



Despite being attacked by machines under the dominance of a huge, out-of-control city management robot, Tina will still need the help of a little one for puzzles and combat in action adventure game Cybernetics.




Made in the image of Mother Nature, Gaia was created for city management. When she doesn’t function quite as planned after activation, it becomes up to Tina, daughter of the engineer who created Gaia, to stop her. She’ll do so through third person combat, bashing machines with her fists or shooting them with several different weapons.




Players will also be solving environmental puzzles in the game, switching between Tina and her robot ally for different roles. Players will also be able to make a final choice at the end of the game that will lead to one of two endings.




Cybernetics is set to release in Q3 this year, and is looking for votes on Steam Greenlight.

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