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Humorous RPG Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome Of Ice Heading To PS4 March 22




Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of Ice, essentially a director’s cut of the humorous turn-based RPG Dragon Fantasy: Book II, will bring bug fixes, retuned combat, and a more streamlined story to PS4 on March 22.




This edition of the game, which comes free to owners of the original version of the SNES RPG-inspired experience, comes with a few new tweaks and features to bring players back to it. The game now features a difficulty slider for players who wish to make things harder or easier, an in-game bestiary to track captured and fought monsters, and added thieves guilds to every town to speed up rewards from bounty hunts.




Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome Of Ice is the second part of aging hero Ogden’s adventures. It does away with random encounters, placing enemies on the map that players must touch to initiate combat. The game also features monster recruitment, where monster can be captured during a fight and added to your party.

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