Hunger Is A Creepy Journey Informed By Dollhouse Horror And Surrealism



Tarsier Studios has released new images and an unsettling teaser trailer for its upcoming “suspense adventure” Hunger.


It follows a young girl called Six as she attempts to escape a monster-filled labyrinth, which is appropriately called The Maw.  Down there, Six is tiny in comparison with everything else: she has to climb up a chest of drawers like you would a cliff face. It’s what Tarsier is referring to as a “Dollhouse Perspective,” constantly bringing attention to Six’s insignificance compared to the size of this world.



The studio also says that the controls will be tactile. So, think about how in, let’s say the Shadow of the Colossus, you had to make a claw with your forefinger to grip on to the R1 button while holding on to each the fur and hair of the colossi. That physical connection you had to Wander’s actions on-screen through the controls might be considered tactile. This is what Tarsier are aiming for with Hunger.


Of course, the controls are an effort to bring you closer to Six, to mimic her movements and feel like you’re connected to her. The advantage of that is then being able to scare the crap out of you as Six is chased by giant monsters that won’t hesitate to make minced meat out of her.


Intrigued? You should be. More images from Hunger can be seen below. Check out its website for more details.







Chris Priestman