Hunky Gorilla In Japanese Zoo Inspires Gorilla Boyfriend



Recently, women have apparently been flocking to a Japanese zoo to see a hunky male gorilla called Shabani. According to Huffington Post, Shabani is more muscular than most gorillas and has “mastered the art of the fierce stare.” This is what has caused the gorilla’s sudden popularity.


Now, due to this phenomenon, there’s a gorilla dating sim on the way called Gorilla Boyfriend (thanks Inside Games). Because of course there is. It has you following a young woman and her gorilla bodyguard as their romance blossoms.


The idea is to keep the romance between the couple for two weeks of in-game time so that the gorilla turns into a human by the end. Part of doing this is to tap on the gorilla to get it to beat its chest, scaring people away with a show of masculine prowess.


You can download Gorilla Boyfriend on iOS and Android for free.

Chris Priestman