Hunter x Hunter: Battle Allstars Shows Its Latest Additions In A New Trailer



After another long hiatus, the Hunter x Hunter manga is finally reserializing next month, and Bandai Namco reminds us that the series has a smartphone game which has already been downloaded 3 million times.


Hunter x Hunter: Battle Allstars is an easy-to-play RPG with strategic elements. When you start a fight, you simply swipe lines from one character to a target to have them lock-on, and from there, it does most of the rest for you. However, you’ll still have to make your own moves, such as changing party members to fight targets as a way to match weakness attributes, or to help a member that’s in a pinch.


Once you fill up the meter, you’ll be able to pull off signature moves. Certain characters such as those from the Phantom Troupe, can link their abilities to do more damage or effects. The “W Character” team is a set of duo that work well as pairs such as Kurapica and Leorio. These characters can also attach a variety of “W Skills” to further increase their damage output as a pair.


The latest of the game adds a bunch of characters from the Chimera Ant Arc, and more.


Hunter x Hunter: Battle Allstars is currently available in Japan for Android and iPhone.

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