Hunter x Hunter Gets A New Smartphone Game With Customizable Avatars



Hunter x Hunter’s serialization probably isn’t coming back anytime soon, but fans of the series in Japan can check out its new smartphone game that Bandai Namco just released, Hunter x Hunter: World Hunt.


Hunter x Hunter: World Hunt is a new smartphone game that lets you create your own avatar and join the world of Hunter x Hunter in a cyberspace world. In addition to being able to change your avatar’s looks with equipment, the game has various features going on to set it apart from the previous smartphone game.


You’ll also get to meet Gon, Killua, and many other familiar faces, level up different characters, and participate in guild battles that involve battles between multiple people in real-time.



Just like any new Hunter, when you step into the cyberworld, the “Hunter simulation game” will have you take the Water Divination test to check out what kind of abilities you’ll get, as well as various guild features that lets you grow together with your avatar and characters.



A look at the character customization screen.



A battle screenshot.



The game saw 30,000 pre-registers, so players that get in now will get a free “Nen Master Biscuit” as a present after clearing the tutorial stages.


Hunter x Hunter: World Hunt is available for iPhone and Android in Japan.

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