Hunter x Hunter: Greed Adventure Trailer Shows Off Its Action RPG And Multiplayer Gameplay



Hunter x Hunter’s next smartphone game is Hunter x Hunter: Greed Adventure that is set on “Greed Island 2” after the events or the original Greed Island arc. Here’s a new trailer that shows off its gameplay.


The game’s main story takes place on Greed Island 2, a brand-new Greed Island that was recreated by Hunters, and it also has quests to revisit the original story of Hunter x Hunter.


In battle, characters attack automatically and you simply have to move them. You can flick the screen to evade enemy attacks and perform special attacks after filling up the meter. There are Skill Cards that bring out various Nen-users for support. Multiplayer supports up to four players.


Hunter x Hunter: Greed Adventure launches this winter in Japan for iOS and Android.

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