Hunter x Hunter Manga Creator is One Chapter Away From Latest Release

Hunter x Hunter Manga

Fans are one step closer to seeing the continuation of Hunter x Hunter manga series. The series creator Yoshihiro Togashi took to Twitter to announce that he was one chapter away from completing the manga’s latest release. Alongside the announcement, Togashi also revealed a detailed sketch of the character Hiei from YuYu Hakusho, another popular series that he created.

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Back in May 2022, Togashi surprised fans of Hunter x Hunter after he suddenly revealed that he was continuing work on the series after a nearly four-year hiatus. Over the last few months, the creator has been uploading images of his progress via his personal Twitter account every day. These images usually consist of page numbers and a few rough sketches. Details are still scarce, and it’s unclear how many chapters or volumes Togashi plans on releasing.

With the last-chapter milestone, Togashi decided to do something slightly different.

In the latest update, Togashi also revealed a sketch of Hiei, one of the main characters from YuYu Hakusho. The sketch shows Hiei unraveling the bandages on his arm and letting the Dragon of the Darkness Flame loose. Notably, Togashi notes that he had originally intended on coloring in the sketch, but ultimately gave up. Furthermore, according to the attached Twitter hashtag, the sketch was from “quite a while ago”.

Viz Media is in charge of the localization of the Hunter x Hunter manga. The anime adaptation is available to watch on Crunchyroll. There is no confirmed release date for the new manga chapters.

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