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Hyper Death Robot Party Has Bullet-Hell Multiplayer Chaos For Consoles, PC



SMG Studios intends to bring 4-player chaotic shmup action to PC and consoles in 2015 with the release of Hyper Death Robot Party.


This is the kind of game that sells itself with the title. If “Hyper Death Robot Party” lit a fire inside of you then it’s likely that it’ll be to your liking.


It’s a fast-paced twin-stick bullet-hell shooter with a single player campaign that has thousands of generated levels, but its focus is firmly on the couch multiplayer experience.


You each play as a spaceship and try to blow each other up with a variety of firearms, more or less. There are several different game modes to vary it up, including survival, capture-the-flag, and asteroid soccer.


Keep an eye on Hyper Death Robot Party’s website for more updates.

Chris Priestman