Hyper Light Drifter and More Get Discounts in Abylight Switch Sale

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It’s never a bad time for a deal on good games, and Abylight has a few for Nintendo Switch owners. The Abylight publisher eShop sale is on through April 9, 2020 and offers up to 50% off all Abylight games in the Nintendo eShop. Most notable on the offering platter is Heart Machine’s 2D pixel-art action game Hyper Light Drifter.

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Hyper Light Drifter made waves upon its release in 2016, thanks to its strong aesthetic and low-key, implied storytelling style. Creator Alex Preston was reportedly inspired during development by a life-threatening heart condition he suffered from. The game was published by Abylight on Switch in 2018 as part of Nintendo’s “Nindies” initiative.

Three other Abylight games are on offer during the sale. Two of them, Cursed Castilla and Super Hydorah, are developed by Spanish indie studio Locomalito. Cursed Castilla is known in Europe as Maldita Castilla EX and is inspired by ultra-tough platformers of the 16-bit age, such as Ghosts n’ Goblins. Players control the brave knight Don Ramiro as they plumb the depths of Tolomera del Rey to banish the evil lurking within it. The game is also on sale for the Nintendo 3DS

Super Hydorah is a 2D side-scrolling space shooter that boasts a non-linear level structure. Players will be able to select their route from the 21 levels on offer, as well as play solo or with a local friend.

Lastly, Qbics Paint is a more relaxing puzzle-style title from Abylight. It invites players to chip away at a large cube to uncover a “Qbics” sculpture. They’ll be able to use a maker mode to create their own 3D block sculptures and paint them to their liking.

The Abylight eShop sale runs through April 9th, 2020 for the US and Japanese eShops.

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