Hyper-Speed Shmup Aerobat Shows Off Dangerous Gameplay In A Trailer



    After working by himself on it for the past two years, Matthew Yeager has released a trailer for his “absurdly high-speed arcade shmup-like” Aerobat.


    Due to its fast pace, it’s paramount that Aerobat be seen in motion, and even then you might not quite be able to register exactly what is happening.


    Here’s how it works: In Aerobat, you can only power your weapons or your engines, never both at the same time. So you need to cut the engines, send the craft into the air, and then free-fall while blasting the guns.


    This is why you see the fighter craft speeding along letting enemies fill the screen, before the brakes seemed to be slammed on and it’s flung into the sky. Once in the sky, the weapons can be used, and so the player tries to shoot as many enemies as possible before needing to re-engage the engines and gaining control once again.


    It’s a hyper, destructive performance of speed and control. To ensure that you do actually have some semblance of control, Aerobat uses mouse controls with, apparently, nearly zero latency.


    If you’d like to see the game on Steam then make sure you vote for it on Greenlight.

    Chris Priestman

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