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Hyperdimension Great War Neptune Vs. Sega Hardware Girls Has Its Own Class System



Hyperdimension Gear War Neptune Vs. Sega Hardware Girls is an upcoming crossover game featuring characters from the Neptunia series and Sega’s official mascot girls. A preview for this week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation provides us with details on its latest.


According to the report, the game features a “Class Change” system that lets you switch character classes. The classes have levels and there are also “Secret Classes” that can also be unlocked in the game. The magazine has details on two classes for the protagonist Iffy.



There are other features that will be revealed soon, such as Iffy’s “History Influence Degree” that shows how she changes each era she arrives in, along with a battle system feature called “Fever Time” that stops enemy turns, and more features that are new to the series.


Hyperdimension Great War Neptune Vs. Sega Hardware Girls will release in Japan on November 26, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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