As previously reported, Nintendo and Tecmo Koei’s upcoming collaboration title Hyrule Warriors will have a 2-player, mode with Impa being one of the playable characters. The official website shares more on the heroes and villains of Hyrule Warriors.




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Link is a soldier of Hyrule Kingdom’s forces who has strengths beyond all others, to go with the power of the Triforce of Courage. He has the kindness in his heart that allows him to communicate with fairies, and the heart to go against evil, even if it’s much stronger than himself, thanks to his strong sense of justice.


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Link relies on his footwork on the battlefield, and uses various weapons in combat. He’s considered more of a speed-type swordsman, above all.




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Impa is a new captain of the Hyrule Kingdom, who has the responsibility of protecting and watching over Princess Zelda. As the head of a tribe that has been supporting the Hyrule Kingdom from behind the scenes, Impa’s loyalty towards Princess Zelda is second to no other.


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Her fighting style revolves around the use of her giant katana to pierce through enemies. She’s a skilled veteran with the sword, who does everything from her footwork to behavior in a sharp manner.


Cia: (Official localized name)


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Cia is the embodiment of evil that extracted the good out of a certain witch’s heart. She’s honest but egotistical, provocative and aggressive. She has a strong desire of wanting to make everything in the world her own, and most of all, she wants the hero Link all to herself.





There was a ring that has existed for countless centuries, that continued rendering numerous owners delusional, as it absorbed the power of darkness to create an ominous bright glow. Due to a magic of Shia’s, it has transformed into a wizard, named Wizro.


While Wizro remains loyal to Shia, he longs for more, as he searches for someone much stronger to follow. In battle, he uses explosive dark magic, along with other magic that has an effect on his surroundings. He specializes in three-dimensional magic, so you might need to keep stay sharp while facing him.




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Valkga is Cia’s aide, who traded his heart for tremendous strengths in a contract with the evil witch. Unlike Wizro, Valga rushes in without thinking much, as he searches for a worthy opponent. During combat, he tends to get excited, especially while facing tough foes.


He uses a big spear that resembles a dragon’s claw as his weapon of choice, as he often lets out a loud roar to go with some heavy damage dealing hits.


Hyrule Warriors will be released on August 14, 2014 for Wii U in Japan and later on in the West.

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