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Hyrule Warriors’ Next Update Will Be Discussed At Tokyo Game Show



Koei Tecmo previously stated that they have long-term plans for Hyrule Warriors so fans can enjoy it for longer, and according to the game’s official Twitter account, it looks like we’ll get  hear more about an upcoming update during the Tokyo Game Show, which runs from September 18th – 21st.


The tweet in question reads: “We plan to hold a game competition for Hyrule Warriors at Tokyo Game Show on Saturday. By all means, those of you who are confident in your skills, go check it out! We’ll also have the latest information on the next update, along with a demo!”


Hyrule Warriors recently saw its “Ver. 1.2.0” update, which fixed a few bugs and also added the Challenge Mode to the game. For those of you wondering, the North American release will see the update on its release date of September 26, 2014.

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