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Hyrule Warrior’s Shows Cia’s DLC Storyline And Link Riding Epona


Hyrule Warriors’ first DLC pack, called the Master Quest Pack, brings Epona as a new weapon along with other new content such as a scenario, Adventure Mode map, and costumes. The game’s latest video shows us what you’ll get from the pack.


The video starts out with Link and Epona galloping and tearing through hordes of enemies, and it looks pretty satisfying. The next part gives us a glimpse of the new scenario featuring Cia, which is a side story of how she meets Volga and Wizzro, and how they attack Hyrule Kingom.


Cia’s scenario will also have you play as Volga and Wizzro as well. Next, they show the “Guardian of Time” costumes for Lana and Cia, along with the newest addition to the Adventure Map.


Hyrule Warriors’ Master Quest Pack will be available today in North America for $7.99. A Season Pass featuring all four DLC packs that is also available for $19.99, and includes a Dark Link costume as a bonus.

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