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I Survived Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die’s First Escape


exdemo1Chunsoft released a demo for Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die on the Nintendo eShop and after introducing all of the characters Zero the Third traps Sigma in an area with Alice (black hair girl) and Phi (white haired girl).


The first puzzle had four cells to enter, but I could only open three since one door had a handcuff tethering the door’s steering wheel-like handle to a nearby metal pipe. One big difference between Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die and Chunsoft’s earlier game, Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, is you can walk around freely using the shoulder buttons (L/R) to turn and the slide pad to look around. You can also use the touch screen and stylus to turn around.


That’s the first thing I did was look up and down then spun around to survey room #1. I saw a book titled Schrodinger’s Cat and tapped the screen to grab it. (Items are always handy right.) While you can pick up some items in Good People Die, Sigma placed the book on top of a safe. Ah, a puzzle, maybe I should solve this? Tapping the screen zoomed in on the lock which had nine panels. Touching these rotated between a crescent moon, star, and sun. I made a few guesses, but I didn’t have the clues to solve the puzzle, so I played with the telephone above.


The phone had four number on speed dial and one was connected to each room. Phi who was in room floor gave a numeric clue and Alice, in room two, gave another clue. I put these together to create a phone number, but when I called nobody picked up. Time to inspect a different room!


I visited Alice first who has an invisible presence. Alice will talk to you when you enter and if you pick up an object, like the half-key lying on a desk. However, you can’t “see” Alice outside of text boxes. While Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die is in 3D, the characters are 2D cutouts so in the escape part Sigma can only talk to them. Character busts pop out of the screen a bit if the 3D slider is on, but otherwise the 3D effect adds depth so you look into the room. OK, time to find the other key piece and conveniently it was behind door number four.


exdemo3 exdemo2


Sigma can (and will have to!) combine items in his inventory to move on. With the key pieces merged I unlocked the handcuffs and opened door number three. This cell had an open locker with three sheets of lines on each paper. What good are these? Hmm… all of the cells also had lines scribbled on the wall above a desk. Maybe I could combine these, somehow? Since the demo is locked to easy mode a hint pretty much gives away the answer if you inspect any of the paper pieces.


Each of the desks slide out and you can slip a piece of paper underneath. Since the papers have vertical lines and the writing on the wall has horizontal dashes the two pieces make up a number. Right away I figured it was a code to open a nearby locker, but Extreme Escape Adventure won’t just let you simply punch it in. You have to figure out how to type in the correct code since the locker has a number puzzle. I solved it using the helpful memo feature which lets you jot down notes. After you write hints they appear on the top screen while you interact with the puzzle on the bottom. I picked up a cassette tape and moved on to the next room. Matching the lines on the paper with the lines on the wall revealed another four digit code, but the locker puzzle was modified so I had to solve it again. My reward was… a coin hidden in a pocketbook?


Sounds useless, but the coin let me, I kid you not, scratch the clothes off the girl in the pin up poster. She’s hiding a bikini and more importantly tattoos hiding a numeric code. I jotted the number down, but reached a dead end. Oh wait, I still had the cassette tape to use! I ran back to room three and put inside the phone. Then I dialed the four digit number I put together from talking to Phi and Alice. Zero the Third recorded a taunting message for his captives, but also gave away an important clue to open the locker in room #1.


Finally, I had the pictogram to open the safe (I would never have guessed it either!) which is conveniently saved in an archive folder. I opened the safe and then… well you’ll have to play Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die to find out! The game comes out in Japan next week for Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita.

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