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IA/VT Colorful’s Latest DLC Bundle Adds New Songs And Costumes



IA/VT Colorful released in Japan in June, and while the game’s creator Kenichiro Takaki previously told Siliconerathat the game won’t make it overseas, those of you with imports can check out its DLC tracks that were recently shown by 4Gamer.


The game’s 2nd DLC set features the following tracks and costumes themed after the song:


002 003

“Yakubyougami” + Darkness (red) costume.

004 005

“Doukei” + Dance Lesson (blue dot) costume.

006 007

“Overclock” + Party Dress (black) costume.

008 009

“Kimi no Tonari ni” + Liberal Arts Girl (yellow) costume.

The above tracks and costumes are currently available for IA/VT Colorful as a 1,200 yen bundle for PlayStation Vita.

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