IBM Japan’s Virtual Reality Sword Art Online Project Gets Its First Screenshots



IBM Japan recently announced a new project, Sword Art Online: The Beginning, a dream project that aims to bring the series to virtual reality. Inside Games provides us with a first look with some screenshots.



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The upcoming VRMMO project will be demonstrated in an IBM Japan that will take place on March 18 through March 20, where they’ll scan participants to recreate their 3D models as their avatars, and it’ll be used to check out the virtual reality atmosphere of Sword Art Online: The Beginning.




IBM will use this opportunity to show off their latest technology and how it can bring a big change to business and life, with an experience that can give you a taste of the future and beyond.



As previously detailed, Sword Art Online: The Beginning Sponsored by IBM will not use a controller, but it’ll be controlled by moving your own body. “Something completely foreign from any other video game experience,” and “by getting to experience being chased by a monster, I hope people will wonder more about the future of virtual reality gaming,” were some quotes shared by Reki Kawahara after trying out a trial build of the project.


Out of the 100,000 registrants, 208 will get to test it out this weekend at the event. We’ll likely get more details and reports from the events by then.

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