Icey Brings Irritable Narrators, Sidescrolling Robot Dismemberment Action To PS4

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Icey has brought its stylish, sidescrolling game of robot dismemberment, high-speed swordplay, and a narrator struggling to keep up with what the player is doing, to PS4.


Icey looks sharp in motion, with players able to teleport all over the battlefield as they carve up their enemies using energy blades. While constantly under attack from several enemies or huge boss robots, players will be able to rush about the battlefield with ease, using speed and destructive powers to link up complex combos with a few button presses. These will steadily wear down larger opponents by cutting off weaponry and limbs. slowly eliminating a boss’ ability to fight back.

While doing this, a narrator will attempt to describe the action that is going on and guide the story, making suggestions as to where the player should go and what they should do. Players are free to ignore these instructions if they like, often finding secrets or hidden paths should they do so. In disobeying this will trying to exert itself over the player, they may find out the truth about Icey’s situation in this world of hostile machines.


Players do not have to wait for Icey’s release, as it is out now on the Playstation Store.

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