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Ico-Like Toren to Launch on PC and PS4 in 2015



Indie publisher Versus Evil has announced that they had formed a partnership with Brazilian-based indie development team Swordtales for the release of Toren on the PC, Mac and PlayStation 4 in early 2015.


Toren is a fantasy adventure game about a lonely girl named Moonchild, who is stuck inside a mysterious tower known only by the name Toren. Players are invited to embark on a journey with the child, as she attempts to learn about her existence while navigating around or overcoming the challenges presented by her surroundings.


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The game is developed with support from the Brazilian Cultural Incentive Law, and being nominated for the Independent Games Festival (Honorable Mention), IndiePub, the Brasil Game Show awards (Finalist for Art Design) and E-Games awards (Best PC Game) kept it in the spotlight during its three-year development cycle.


Expect to hear more about Toren in the coming months, as the game inches closer to completion and its early 2015 release date.

Tim Wee