Idea Factory And Compile Heart Presidents On Their Favorite IF Games, And Plans In 2019

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Famitsu interviewed Idea Factory president Yoshiteru Sato and Compile Heart president Norihisa Kochiwa for this week’s feature on the company’s 25th anniversary, and they talked about their favorite developed games, Mega Miracle Force, and their plans in 2019.

Check out the highlights below:

By the way, out of the titles released up until now, which one do you remember the most?

Yoshiteru Sato, Idea Factory president: “It would have to be our most well-known game back then, Spectral Force. That series had many entries released over a longer period of time, longer than the Neptunia series, and this is all thanks to the support from the fans. We put our feelings of thanks into having Hiro be playable once more via Mega Miracle Force. However, Mega Miracle Force is in the end a game focused on Compile Heart characters, so if fans are willing to support us, I’d like to make another brand-new simulation RPG in the vein of Spectral Force.”

IF CH interview 2

Apart from Hiro, Little Snow from Spectral Force 2 is set to join Mega Miracle Force in the near future alongside various other Compile Heart characters.

Which game do you particularly remember, Kochiwa-san?

Norihisa Kochiwa, Compile Heart president: “While I have fond memories of Spectral Force, Generation of Chaos also left an impression on me. That was the first game we made after moving onto PlayStation 2, and a lot of sweat and tears were shed in the making of the game. We thought, “If we add battle simulation elements to dungeon exploring, and be able to enjoy these RPG elements together, it would be fun!”, and began development. Obviously, the scope became really large, way more than what we originally imagined. I still can’t believe we managed to put it out…”

Would you like to leave a final comment for our readers [Sato-san]?

Sato: “Thank you so much for supporting us all this time! We’d like to continue to meet the expectations of coming up with ideas that will surprise players. Now, speaking of why I brought my Nintendo Switch to an interview, (laughs) every Otomate console game will be ported to the Nintendo Switch. Also, look forward to the announcement of many new titles in June’s Otomate Party!”

How about a comment to our readers and Compile Heart fans, Kochiwa-san?

Kochiwa: “As it’s our 25th anniversary, I’m also producing a game that will surprise everybody. Also, look forward to a new game announcement this Spring. It will be an brand-new RPG that follows current trends, so please look forward to it!”

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