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Idea Factory Brings PlayStation Vita Titles To PC This Fall



Today, Idea Factory has announced MegaTagmensionBlanc + Neptune VS Zombies and Trillion: God of Destruction are coming to PC via Steam this fall. Both titles were previously released on PlayStation Vita, and will retain the original Japanese and English voiceover options in the PC release.




In MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies, players fight through hordes of zombies with standard hack and slash gameplay. Familiar Neptunia characters like Plutia and Peashy join the fray and are joined by newcomer Tamsoft. The online multiplayer mode allows up to four players to team up, and provides new quests daily.


Ashmedia_battle (3)


Trillion: God of Destruction is a strategy RPG that puts players up against Trillion, a demon boss with a trillion HP bent on destroying the world. There are more than 10 possible endings that can be unlocked through New Game+ mode, and stats carry over from one playthrough to the next. If you haven’t already, check out the opening movie in the video below.