Identity V x Detective Conan Essences Feature Iconic Quotes

Detective Conan Identity V

NetEase revealed the second and final round of Detective Conan (Case Closed) costumes for Identity V, along with showroom animations. Kappei Yamaguchi, Mami Koyama, Shuichi Ikeda, and Tooru Furuya all reprise their roles for the showroom animations. While these costumes already appeared on the China server, this is the only time it will show up for players in other countries.

Though the showroom animations use the voice actors from the anime, they will not be providing any new lines for the in-game characters. Even if you put the Akai skin on Mercenary, Mercenary will not be voiced by Shuichi Ikeda. For each animation, concept art of things relevant to the character float around them, alongside a quote and pose. For example, Vermouth’s line is her famous “A secret makes a woman woman,” and her items include high heels and a bullet.

You can view the showroom animations here:

Here is the list of costumes:

  • Kaito Kid (Seer)
  • Vermouth (Barmaid)
  • Shuichi Akai (Mercenary)
  • Tooru Amuro (Embalmer)

It is unclear when exactly the Detective Conan Essences will appear in Identity V. NetEase did not list them as part of the December 2, 2021 patch notes. It is also unknown if the second round of Detective Conan Essences will appear on the Logic Path, or if you will only be able to obtain them with currency. When the first half of the Detective Conan Essences appeared earlier this year, you could only roll for them using Inspirations or Echoes.

Identity V is readily available on mobile devices worldwide.

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