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Idol Death Game TV Gets First Screenshots And Details, And It’s Exactly What It Sounds Like



D3 Publisher recently announced Idol Death Game TV for PlayStation Vita, an upcoming game that will have you fight to become the center of an idol group while the others fall. Famitsu shares its first story details and screenshots.


Idol Death Game TV is an upcoming action adventure game that surrounds a top idol group called “Project 47,” and the unforgiving battle for the center spot. In this game, the idols that lose during judgment will have death awaiting them. Will the girls see a future of bright glory, or…



D.O.D., short for “Dream of Dream,” is the name of the event that determines the center position of the Project 47 idols. D.O.D. is always a big event, but this year’s event is shrouded in unusual circumstances. It’s an obscure event that isn’t even scripted, and also features low popularity ranked members as part of the selection.


While everything remains questioned, the live broadcast has already started on TV. With expectations and a feeliong uneasiness in the chest of the idols, what fate awaits them?



In Idol Death Game TV, players will get to pick an idol to control out of all the ones that appear in the game and enjoy the story told from each of their perspectives. After selecting a character, Doripaku (pink tapir-like mascot above) will begin explaining the judgment criteria.



After that, the battle for center that decides the life or death of the idols begins. Your actions will determine how the other characters continue on, and the tense feeling will certainly call for multiple playthroughs.


Idol Death Game TV will release in Japan on October 20, 2016 for PlayStation Vita.

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