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Idol Manager Beta Adds Female Playable Character; To Lay Out Roadmap In Early March


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While it’s been a while since we reported on Idol Manager, the game has been doing well for itself. Since April 2018, where the game succeeded in reaching its Kickstarter goal, including a Nintendo Switch version stretch goal, the game entered beta in November 2018 on


For those unfamiliar with Idol Manager, the players are a talent agency manager who is working with pop stars. Players choose who is hired, their training, their day to day schedule, handle their meltdowns, and help the talent agency grow, even if scandals, rivals, and gossip hinder progress and success. Your actions can be kind or cruel, and you have the option to be moral or resort to exploitive means to succeed.


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As the beta has gone on, the game has gotten new features such as idols having a chance of getting injured or depressed, and the ability to put them on hiatus. The latest update lets players start with a female manager this time around, a new stylist staff member that can help idols with their visual parameters, and more.


Apart from this update, developer Kuiper has announced that they will be laying out a roadmap for the game’s development in early March, including potentially a release date.


You can find the details of the latest update on the game’s Kickstarter page here, and the page here where the game is being sold at $25 to match Kickstarter prices. The final game is set to cost $15.


Idol Manager is in development for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs. The game originally had a tentative December 2018 release date, but was pushed back to add extra content with no current release window. The Nintendo Switch version has a projected 2019 release date.

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