Idol Wars Online Makes Its International Debut


Idol Wars - A Rival Appeared


Free-to-play Japanese browser game Idol Wars Online has been localized for Western audiences with an English-language version now available on the Nutaku gaming portal. As a producer/idol group manager, players recruit J-Pop stars and train them to form the best idol group in Japan.


Idol Wars - Main Menu


There are more than 80 aspiring J-Pop stars to recruit, and new idols are added each month with additional story episodes. The idols train and increase their skills by delivering live performances where they attempt to win over the audience. Completing “performance quests” and winning live battles give the idols more experience and unlock additional abilities.


Players can also create “Productions,” or guilds, to battle rival productions in major online competitions called “Dreamfests.” A Dreamfest event can include up to 50 participants at a time.



Idol Wars Online can be played on both desktop and mobile browsers.