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The Idolmaster: Platinum Stars Trailer Shows Its 13 Idols In Training And Performing Live



Bandai Namco uploaded the latest trailer for The Idolmaster: Platinum Stars, where we get to see its 13 girls working hard at training camp and performing live shows in order to become top idols.


Here’s a look at the latest trailer, giving us a look at some of the main features.



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The above images show a new set of costumes and accessories.


The following is a look at some of the key features.



The game starts out with life at training camp, where you’ll get to enjoy the everyday lives of the future idols.



As the producer, you’ll be in charge of putting together the live shows to go accordingly to their Idol Rank.



You can coordinate the idols’ outfits to go with the track and stage.



Another main task as a producer is handling the business and financial part of things that will be needed to help out the idols.



The outfit shop is where you’ll be able to get the latest costumes and accessories.




Let’s take a look at the business & lessons part of the game. With the business part you’ll get to increase the number of fans and money.



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Lessons are used to increase the abilities and experience of the idols. There are three main types of lessons with Burst Lesson, Expressive Lessons, and Cosmetics Lessons. Each one will be crucial to the road of success. Lessons vary depending on the Idol Rank.


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While looks are important, costumes do more than that with their added skills that help add to the appeal of the idols. That said, you’ll be getting plenty of costumes throughout the game. You can also power up outfits and accessories by combining them together. For example, a Twinkle Star LV01 outfit combined with another one makes a Twinkle Star LV02, which has more appeal points.



After live shows you can get bronze, silver, and gold cards. By turning in five of the same cards at the outfit shop, you can get new costumes and accessories.

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An “All-Star Live” concert is held four times a year at the end of each season. These come in two varieties with one that puts all the idols of 765 Productions in three consecutive live performances, while the other is done in a live show that consists of non-stop medleys.






There’s also the new “Medley Live” concert, where all the idols of 765 Production go on stage to perform a special mix non-stop medley.



The encores are said to be the best, where all 13 idols go on stage for a special All-Star Movie.


The Idolmaster: Platinum Stars will release in Japan on July 28, 2016 for PlayStation 4. Check out our earlier report for details on its limited edition “Platinum Box.”

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