Ieyasu And Eastern Emissaries Return To Dragalia Lost




    Right now, Dragalia Lost is in the middle of an event rerun. People can go through Resplendent Refrain again until May 24, 2019. This Raid was accompanied by a new Summoning Showcase called Beauty in Motion. However, an update has just brought an old banner back. Eastern Emissaries, the showcase available over New Year’s, has returned and brought Ieyasu with it!


    Eastern Emissaries is available in addition to Beauty in Motion and does not replace it. It has all of the same focus units as it did when it first ran. That means people have a chance of getting Ieyasu, a five-star Adventurer who wields a blade and represents the shadow element, the four-star Adventurer Sazanka, who uses an axe and also is a shadow-type character, and the four-star Adventurer Addis, who is a blade-wielding wind element character. The featured dragon is Marishiten, a five-star shadow dragon. This banner will be available until May 27, 2019.


    In addition, some other items formerly available over New Year’s are available in Dragalia Lost. In Treasure Trade, you can find Wyrmprints that previously may have appeared in Eastern Emissaries. You can now trade for the five-star Happy New Year!, five-star Heralds of Hinomoto, and four-star Hanetsuki Rally. All of these will only be available in this area until May 27, 2019.


    Finally, the new Void enemies have been added. The 9,000 Might Gust Shroom, 9,000 Might Purple Shadow, and 10,000 Might Amber Golem are all available to fight. This means new craftable weapons and drops. The Void Agni Strike and Void Zephyr Strike battles now can drop Squishums. Also, some Limited Void Battle Endeavors will be available until May 31, 2019.


    Dragalia Lost is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

    Jenni Lada
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