If Twin Peaks Was A JRPG It’d Probably End Up Like Greyfox


The town of Greyfox is a mysterious one. It’s a quiet place where people go to retire. There’s nothing odd about it at first. But that soon changes.


Greyfox, the game, is an RPG made in the style of Final Fantasy III and Chrono Trigger according to its creator. Given the setting and plot it certainly has a touch of Twin Peaks and its supernatural small-town enigma to it. It has no combat but that has meant that the story and characters have been given full attention. And judging by the game’s positive reception on Steam this has paid off.


You play as a new resident of the town, out to meet your neighbors and settle in, until you meet a particular old woman who has magical powers. Not long after this encounter you find that you keep awaking inside the bodies of other residents in Greyfox during pivotal moments in their lives.


This leaves you to get to know the character and then make tough choices that will drastically affect the rest of their life, no matter how little is left of it. In doing this, you’ll slowly discover the truth that lies at the heart of this strange retirement town.


You can purchase Greyfox on Steam and for Windows.

Chris Priestman