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Ifrit Heats Things Up In The Latest Final Fantasy Explorers Screenshots



It seems as if we will be the bad guys in Final Fantasy Explorers, as we’ll have to beat summon monsters in order to acquire crystals for mankind. However, these crystals are like the planet’s life source, and summons like Ifrit will do everything they can to stop us. 4Gamer shows us more.



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Explorers will face all kinds of different Summons from the Final Fantasy series as enemies. The first one Square Enix have shown us thus far is Ifrit. In Final Fantasy Explorers, Ifrit fights with an all-out attacking style using physical attacks with his powerful body, and fire-based magic. He can also bust out with his signature attack, Hellfire.


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Ifrit will likely be the first major boss that Explorers encounter in the game, which might make him sound like an easy foe, but you might not want to take him too lightly, as he can also bind players with his roars and throw giant fireballs, as well. Imagine getting caught in that combo?


According to the 4Gamer report, Ifrit will always be closing in on you, and you’ll need to study his patterns and take advantage of openings to land some hits.


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The above is a look at the Regi Plains and Hibato Volcanoes, two of the early areas in Final Fantasy Explorers.


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Read more about the game’s battle system and recruitable monsters in our earlier report. It might even be possible to become buddies with that cute Ahriman in the above image!


Final Fantasy Explorers is in development for Nintendo 3DS.

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