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Iggy, Mista, Polnareff, Avdol, And Joshu Highlight Trailers For Eyes of Heaven



Bandai Namco shared the latest on their upcoming stylish brawler, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, with a look at new trailers for Joshu Higashikata from Part VIII: JoJolion, Muhammad Avdol from Part III: Stardust Crusaders, Jean Pierre Polnareff from Part III: Stardust Crusaders and Part V: Vento Auero, Guido Mista from Part V: Vento Aureo, and Iggy from Part III: Stardust Crusaders.


Joshu is a “Stand-user” who fights with his Stand named Nut King Call. Since he’s new to his abilities, Joshu has a bit of a strange battle style, where you’ll see him messing up, which makes him a bit of a trickster.


He has the ability to say annoying lines which provokes nearby enemies and has them focus their attacks on Joshu. This is a good way to provide some support for your ally. He can also put enemies into a panic status, which makes them unable to block, or continuous damage enemies with his nuts and bolts.


Avdol is a “Stand-user” fighter and tags up with his Stand called Magician’s Red.Avdol’s main abilities revolve around the fire damage from his Stand, that can do some burn effects to enemies.


Again, he can use his “Crossfire Hurricane” to hit enemies from a distance, and hold down the R1 button to shoot multiple shots at a time for it. Avdol can fight in both close and long-ranged battles, but you’ll need to use his abilities accordingly.


Polnareff is a “Stand-user” who fights with his Silver Chariot Stand. His attack range and power isn’t that great, but he can overwhelm enemies with speed and number of hits. He’s able bring his Stand in and out with ease, and doesn’t leave many openings to his attacks.


He’s able to make clones of his Stand, which actually increases the number of hits from his Stand; however, when he does that it also lowers his defense, so there’s a risk to it as well.


Mista’s battle style is “Stand-user” and he fights alongside his Stand named Sex Pistols. Using his gun, he’s able to attack from mid-range, and excels at getting multiple shots in on enemies after reloading.


With his Sex Pistols Stand, he’s able to call out multiple revolvers at a time, and can have up to six of them out at a time. He’s able to set his Sex Pistols members in different areas and have them shoot from different angles and areas as well, making it difficult for opponents to move around freely while fighting Mista.


Last but not least, we have Iggy, the “Stand-user” dog who fights alongside his Stand called The Fool. Since Iggy is small, he’s difficult to hit and has some speed to go with it. Using his high mobility and evasion, Iggy plays a pesky hit & run style, which can easily frustrate enemies.


To add more to his evasion game, The Fool can create a fake Iggy which can counterattack enemies. It works on all attacks and can be done on ground and also in the air. The Fool can also tackle enemies from a distance, or can use Shape Shift to create a clone of DIO with sand.


Here are the other characters we’ve seen thus far and their highlight videos:



JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven will release in Japan on December 17, 2015 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

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